Investasi Itu “Dipraktekin”

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“If You Want To Live a Happy Life, Tie it to a Goal, not to People or Objects” ~ Albert Einstein

“Be Fearful When Others are Greedy. Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful” ~ Warren Baffet
“The Individual Investor Should Act Consistently as an Investor and not as a Speculator” ~ Benjamin Graham

“Investing Without Research is Like Playing Stud Poker and Never Looking at the Cards” ~ Peter Lynch
“It’s Tangible, It’s Solid, It’s Beautiful. It’s Artistic, From My Stand Point, and Just Love Real Estate” ~ Donald Trump

“In Investing, What is Comfortable is Rarely Profitable” ~ Robert Arnott
“Never Stop Investing. Never Stop Improving. Never Stop Doing Something New” ~ Bob Parsons
“Know What You Own, and Know Why You Own It” ~ Peter Lynch

“Goodness is the Only Investment That Never Fails” ~ Henry David Thoreau
“Education is not Only a Ladder of Opportunity, But it is Also Investment in Our Future” ~ Ed Markey

“A Savvy Entrepreneur Will Not Always Look For Investment Money, First” ~ Daymond John
“Any Time an Investment Company Has To Spend Heavily on Advertising, It’s Probably a Bad Business in Which To Invest” ~ Rpbert Kiyosaki

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